SUSTAINABILITY - What does it mean?

SUSTAINABILITY - What does it mean?

According to the Oxford English Dictionary it means.

“Avoidance of the depletion of natural resources in order to maintain an ecological balance”

Let's look at the sustainability differences between normal fossil fuel plastics and our 100% Bio Compostable Plastic, Composta Base.

Fossil fuel plastics 

for instance coal is made into polypropylene 

Fossil fuel plastics are made from finite natural resources (coal and oil) and as such will deplete eventually, also as a fossil fuel resource when manufactured they discharge large amounts of a global warming gas called CO2 (Carbon dioxide). Fossil fuel plastics are therefore not sustainable.

Composta Base - decoupled from finite resources

Composta Base is made from a blend of plant starches, for example it can be derived from annual renewable plant residue such as field corn. Field corn is not used for human consumption, it is generally used for animal feed and bio fuel production. Plant starch is a sustainable product and is decoupled from the consumption of finite resources and is therefore sustainable.

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