Sustainablility Prototyping - Freedom to Innovate

Sustainablility Prototyping - Freedom to Innovate

If your focus is to decarbonise and replace plastics used in traditional point of sale materials (POSM) then this is what we can help you with as sustainable innovation is our raison d'etre.

We can produce elegant and functional designs from scratch or review and redesign your existing temporary, semi-permanent and permanent POP, POS, in-store displays and shippers and provide a more sustainable solution.

We can work with fibre board, metal and of course our compostable bio plastic Composta base. Our bioplastic production systems produce a A friendly plastic that is a biodegradable plastic and also a compostable plastic.We are not tied to any specific type of manufacturing in terms of our designs, the world as they say, is your oyster. 

We can deliver you full working prototypes, all the technical CAD 3D engineering drawings and production specifications. So you can deliver them to your display producers for quoting and production.

We can work with them and deliver our non plastic, plain, printed or formed, part items to them for integration into other items. (Compostable mop trays and (EPOS) ticket strips for instance) and also greenest display stands in the world.

Often we are working in tandem with many stakeholders, shopper marketing, customer experience and sustainability experts, design departments, POP solution providers, both at retail and brand side.

Sustainability starts here at Sku Driver.

The designing of prototypes, our process.

1. Gather your requirements 

2. We produce a quick design

3. We build you a prototype

4  We all evaluate the prototype

5  We refine the prototype

6  We deliver full engineering drawings and production specifications

7  We deliver you a sustainability report on carbon and plastic avoidance                


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