Fully compostable alternatives to traditional materials for everyday POP solutions with 67% less carbon emissions

Worlds First Compostable Exhibition Panels

pladis go crackers over worlds first compostable mop tray

Eco friendly plastic replacements for displays


SKU-Driver produce temporary and permanent printed POS displays out of compostable non-plastic. We also produce uncoated non UV corrugated FSDU's printed with water based inks and compostable mop trays and ticket strips.
OUR GAME CHANGING material Composta Base looks and feels exactly like plastic but it's not, it’s made from plant starch and as such is compostable, so it doesn't harm the environment to the extent that fossil fuel based plastics do. It also generates about 67% less carbon emissions when manufactured, compared to the average carbon footprint of plastic POS.

We use non solvent based ink printing on to the sheets and then can thermo form the sheets into the relevant components for POS.

We cannot change the world in a day, we cannot fix the waste streams in a day or the demand for fossil fuel plastics, but we can give you the option to reduce carbon emissions by 67% and avoid petroleum base plastics Today.

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