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Sku Driver are a Net zero pathway designer, carbon measurement tools developer and impact reduction interventionists.

Circular economy design systems developer for products.

Winners of UK national industry awards in 2020 for innovation and sustainability.

Developer of the OurZero platform


Innovation and sustainability awards 2020

2020 winners of UK POPAI awards

This “step change” in thinking resulted in transformation from the old linear practices of display production to one of circularity.
The use of 100% recyclable bio plastics, 3D printed parts, recycled steel and the integration and re-use of
old exhibition graphics into the unit. The unit also has built-in recycling tracking, this not only made the display unit more sustainable, it looked great too and will be “doing its job” for probably the next ten years.
Then at the end of the life of the display unit, every element can be identified then 100% recycled, re-used or composted.

Sku-Driver produce the Worlds First Compostable Exhibition Panels

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