KP Snacks Compostable Exhibition Graphics

KP Snacks Compostable Exhibition Graphics


Most exhibition graphic panels are made from a plastic called PVC. Once used, rather than be recycled, they end up as landfill in landfill sites causing damage to the environment. 

In addition, at the end of a show, either the event organisers or inadvertently via the cost to exhibit, the exhibitors, must pay for the removal of waste. This happens at multiple events throughout the UK every day. 

KP deemed this environmentally unsound, as it did not enhance their commitment to the environment. They heard that we had a material that was compostable. The question was could we make the graphics?


We worked with KP to deliver Composta Base graphic panel cladding for a shell scheme stand at a recent trade show.

Made from zero fossil fuel, the panels made from plant material, that is 100% biodegradable and compostable, also completely recyclable at the end of the show. Compost base is A friendly plastic that is a biodegradable plastic and also a compostable plastic.

Keren McCarron (Head of Corporate Affairs & Communications) at KP SNACKS

 “At KP Snacks, reducing the impact our business has on the environment is very important to us, and it forms a key pillar of our responsible business programme; 'Our Taste for Good'.  We wanted to try and develop a really eye catching trade stand, but also wanted to try and reduce the CO2 emissions generated making it . We'd heard of the great work SKU driver are doing in this area, so approached them to make the stand for us. SKU driver developed the stand from a material called Composta Base, a world's first. The beauty of their material is although it looks and performs like plastic, it's not, it's 100% compostable being made from plant starch. It's recyclable too and also generates, when being made, on average 67% less carbon emissions than normal plastics”. 

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