pladis go crackers over worlds first compostable mop tray

pladis go crackers over worlds first compostable mop tray


Hundreds of thousand of corrugated off shelf displays and shippers are situated in  stores every day. They are a critical part of gaining visibility to help brand awareness and in generating product sales.

Clear mop trays are a fundamental item to protect the bottom of the displays from water ingress and to keep the units neat and tidy.

Until now, all mop trays were made of fossil fuel plastic, like PVC, PP and PET.

Mostly they would end up in landfill.

With the current anti plastic climate Pladis challenged us to see if we could replace plastic mop trays with a more sustainable solution.


By further developing our material Composta base, we produced another "worlds first" a fully compostable bio plastic mop trays, containing no fossil fuel plastics. Composta base is A friendly plastic that is a biodegradable plastic and also a compostable plastic.

Stephanie Bancroft (Account Controller pladis)

This new Mop Tray has been developed for the upcoming Co-op shipper promotion, which is completely compostable as it is made from a plastic replacement material called composta-base. Big shout out to Sku Driver who has been fundamental to executing this project from start to finish, and we look forward to seeing more in store! 







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