Circular Economy and POSM

Circular Economy and POSM

Circular Economy ( EMF

The two models for a circular economy are the Technical and Biological cycles.

Consumption happens only in biological cycles, where food and biologically based materials (such as cotton or wood) are designed to feed back into the system through processes like composting and anaerobic digestion. These cycles regenerate living systems, such as soil, which provide renewable resources for the economy. 

Technical cycles recover and restore products, components and materials through strategies like reuse, repair, remanufacture or (in the last resort) recycling.

Fossil fuel plastics (although we have already established are not sustainable) would (according to the EMF) only be of value to the circular economy if they contribute to the Technical cycle model (they can’t contribute to the biological cycle). Very few if any fossil fuel plastics in the POSM market contribute to strategies like reuse, repair, remanufacture. That only leaves “as a last resort recycling”. 

Even when they are recycled you have to use virgin fossil fuel materials to support products that are recycled. Plus recycled fossil fuel plastics generally are not of a high enough quality for POSM.

Even if you did get to 100% recycled plastic items, this resource would soon deplete, as they can’t be recycled multiple times. If you were to do this you would have to introduce more virgin plastic into the system again in order to be able to recycle again. In our view this is totally un-sustainable.


Composta Base on the other hand can contribute to both the Technical and Biological cycles. A friendly plastic that is a biodegradable plastic and also a compostable plastic.

Firstly, it can feed back into the biological system for composting and anaerobic digestion. Secondly, it can be recycled at 100%, many times more than fossil fuel plastics. How many times is not known, however, we use our clear material Composta Base waste in setting up and purging our extruders. When doing so, we can hardly see the difference in the quality of the set up sheets and virgin Composta Base. Certainly for mop trays and ticket strips there would be no issue, perhaps for our crystal clear fascias we would have a slight blue hue on the 100% recycled material. If printed and formed then again we would anticipate no issues. 

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We cannot change the world in a day, we cannot fix the waste streams in a day, or the demand for fossil fuel plastics. We can give you the option to reduce carbon emissions by 67% and avoid petroleum base plastics today.


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