Composta Base - What is it made of?

Compost Base Sustainability and Circularity for POSM made in the UK
Our aim is to help you decide how sustainable our products are and how you can design POSM for a circular economy . We have engaged with many global brands, some are happy that our products are not made from fossil fuels and are low carbon, others have policy considerations and seem to want to continue using fossil fuel plastic in their Point of Sale items, probably due to low cost of high carbon plastics like PVC.
We hope the information on our web site helps you in your decision to transition from high carbon intensity Point of Sale items to a much more environmentally sound and sustainable and circular solution.
Composta Base - What is it made of?


One of the low carbon materials that we use for the production of Point of Sale materials (POSM) is our unique product called Composta Base.

Composta Base is not made from fossil fuel feedstock like normal plastics, but from annually renewable plant starches. 

The base polymer from this plant starch is Poly lactic acid (PLA).

It is 100% compostable and also 100% recyclable.

Our base polymer conforms to environmental standard EN13432 for

compostability. It looks and performs like rigid fossil fuel plastics, but it’s not.

It also discharges on average 67% less carbon emissions to air than fossil fuel plastic items, when manufactured in the UK.

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We cannot change the world in a day, we cannot fix the waste streams in a day, or the demand for fossil fuel plastics. We can give you the option to reduce carbon emissions by 67% and avoid petroleum base plastics today.

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