Our 1 pager for you to share

Our 1 pager for you to share

Plastic Alternatives

for temporary and permanent P-O-P solutions

that also reduce carbon emissions by 67%

We can include compostable alternatives to traditional materials used in your temporary and permanent P-O-P items . We can replace plastic mop trays, ticket strips (epos, SELS is another name) flat rigid printed graphics, 3D printed vacuum formed items, plastic fascias and display trays.

We can develop, design and transition P-O-P plastic items to a low carbon, non-plastic material called Composta Base. For 100% recycling a non-corrosive de inking process is used. When compared to plastics (it looks and performs like plastic but is not).

It uses 67% less carbon emissions when made and compared to fossil fuel plastic.

It can be recycled many times more than normal plastics, without any degradation and we can use 100% of recycled material for new products again and again which contributes to a circular economic model. Every new item forges a new frontier in sustainability and innovation.

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