The Composta app (BETA) Intro

The Composta app (BETA) Intro
Thank you for downloading the Composta progressive web app (PWA). A PWA is a mix between a traditional native mobile app and a website. In fact, you can access this app on any device including laptops etc.
On mobile a device, just save it to your home screen and hey presto you’re ready to go.
What is this all about?
We automatically measure the fossil CO2 emissions reduction (Carbon saved) by you when you order materials from us. We also count how much plastic you’ve avoided (plastic avoided) when you purchase materials made from Composta base. Composta Base on average emits 67% less fossil CO2 emissions than plastics) and is derived from plant starch, not coal or oil, like normal plastics.
We record and deliver the results directly to you through this app; Your low carbon, plastic avoidance progress road map.
When you download the App, you’ll initially become a Cow Bell. As a Cow Bell, we hope you’ll start to ring that bell for us, to tell other folk about our innovative products and persuade them to transition to lower carbon products and non-plastic alternatives.
Once you start purchasing our POS solutions and start saving on CO2 emissions and avoid using plastics, you’ll become a Rancher (recording carbon saved by building a virtual herd).
Once you’ve saved 1,000kg of CO2 emissions, you’ll become a Grower. For every 1,000kg of CO2 you save, we’ll plant a tree on your behalf, helping to reduce overall CO2 volumes even further.
Save 10,000kg of CO2 and you’ll become a Beekeeper. In recognition, we’ll donate a Beehive to a Beekeeping Society, so those little buzzers can thrive and continue to pollinate lots of plants, which will absorb even more CO2. (Everyone loves a Bee right, unless it gets stuck in your hair, in which case it may as well be a wasp.)
When you have saved a complete shed load of carbon emissions and avoided heaps of plastic, you’ll become a Shepherd, by which time you will be so knee deep in low carbon and plastic avoidance knowledge, we will kiss the ground you walk on.
As such, you’ll be invited to our annual off-grid weekend experience, where
Shepherds do gather (We will invite a few random ranchers as well).
How we gather and report on plastic and carbon avoidance.
Your company
When you purchase materials from us, we state on the invoice how much carbon emissions and plastic you’ve avoided. This data can then be delivered to your companies CSR department to allow them to include it in their public sustainability reports. It will also be valuable to your PR department, maybe to your HR department too (job well done, here is a promotion, type of deal).
Often a client will set up a task force to look at ways to reduce the environmental impact of the company. We recognise this and we can set up groups of users who can then share on the progress of the team through the app.
Company branded Composta app
This app is brandable to your own company or to your customers company if you are a trade buyer. What we want you to do now is ‘Ring that bell’, engage with us, order materials to lower carbon emissions and avoid tonnes and tonnes of plastic.
Download save to your mobile device home screen, open, register and get happy.
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